ORGAN CAVE, WV National Historic & Natural Landmark
 ORGAN CAVE, WVNational  Historic & Natural Landmark  

My daughter and I recently visited Organ Cave and we had an awesome time!!! This was my third visit taking wild tours but it was my daughter's first. This was her graduation trip!! She said she NEVER had more fun!! We both absolutely loved it!!!! We did the Little Cliff Hanger. Im 48 and my daughter is 18 and we could not have asked for a more perfect activity and experience we both could enjoy. Kevin was, our guide,he was FABULOUS!!!! This is by far the BEST tour I have ever had!!!! Kevin was soooo helpful and informative and he made the experience so, so, so worthwhile. This was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Thanks so much. My daughter is now hooked on caving. She can';t wait to come back. She says when she comes back she will have Kevin as her guide. Thank Kevin!! Everyone was so helpful, informative and nice. A wonderful place to visit and bring your family. God bless you all!

Thanks for the memory!


 from PA   

What an awesome experience! Andy & Kendra from Columbus, Ohio 

This tour was a lot of fun! I'm really glad I was able to locate this website... I can officially say I'm now addicted to caving (spelunking) even though this was my first time! Tabitha Lawter, Chad Emerich

 Awesome! I frozed my toes off but the view underground was simply beautiful! Kayla from New York

"Caving Organ Cave in W. VA. was way cool.  A trip into another world that few get to see. The kids were jazzed and the guides were wonderful. Thank!"    The Gillespies and Crazy Larry,  Silver Springs, Maryland   

"Words can't hardly begin to describe our wild cave trip at Organ Cave.  From climbing to crawling, rock faces to clay tubes, we not only got to see the most beautiful and massive cave in our experiences, but be part of it fully.  Our guide  was truly professional and helped get us through some tough spots.  He had a steady stream of encouragement and good humor that convinced us that we could do the things we had never thought of.  From booking our tour with Janie, to going into the ground,  we can't say enough good things about Organ Cave."                     


Jack and Lena Falls- Germantown, Maryland

At 10:00 am the Amanda Clearcreek FFA Alumni group from Ohio arrived at Organ Cave ready for some fun and excitement.  The group, consisting of Jeff Tilley, Nick Greiner, Heather Makalius, Noah Blosser II, Michael Shaeffer, Mike Ellinger, Lucy Bowen, Jennifer Cochran, Scott Sharp, and Ben Blosser, had these comments to say.    "Loads of fun!!  Nothing compares to being over 300 ft. underground.  Everyone should give it a  try."

"This is absolutely the best wild caving I have ever been on. Outstanding!
 "This is the best caving adventure I've ever been on.  One word  describes it UNBELIEVABLE!
"Excellent tour.......excellent tour guides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Everything hurts. My feet hurt from being crammed into hiking boots all night. My shins and knees are scrapped and bruised from crawling around on rocks. My calves, thighs and butt are sore as a result from just trying to get around down there. My shoulders and arms are aching from climbing, crawling and carrying myself through endless caverns and tunnels. Most of all my neck is in pain from banging my head a bunch of times and having to strain my neck just to look around while hunched over. It was all worth it because our Undernighter caving tour at Organ Cave Inc in West Virginia was one of the most memorable and rewarding weekend adventures that I can remember.

Before going in to the cave I had some idea about what caving was going to be like from movies and television but it is one of those things you cannot really understand until you've done it. I was thinking that it would generally involve walking through tunnels with an occasional crawl or climb. It was just the opposite. Most of what we did was climbing and crawling and there was nothing leisurely about it. Just moving around down in the cave took a certain amount of concentration, flexibility and sure-footedness. This caving trip was not for the weak willed because as I learned early on, I would be tested.

The tour was enhanced by the knowledge and experience of our faithful guides Troy and Kenny. From the moment we started out of the gift shop Troy and Kenny began teaching us about the perils of caving and how to avoid them. They instructed us on what to do if lost and how to traverse certain sections of the cave. Troy was the head guide and made sure to show us if there were any alternate or safer routes around obstacles. Kenny on the other hand was the more adventurous and quick to squirm into any hole or climb any face just because it was a challenge. They made the perfect tandem for our group because we were able to pick and choose who to follow as we went. It was very reassuring to know that our guides had such a comprehensive understanding of the Organ Cave system, plus a unique gift to recognize the dynamic of our group and to determine what we would be most comfortable doing.

My group consisted of two friends and myself. You've got two guys who are into multi-pitch rock climbing trips and me, a pudgy wannabe outdoorsmen type, weekend hiker and camper. Our previous experiences may have given us some preparation for caving but as we learned it takes quite a distinctive set of skills. Whenever we moved through the cave I normally kept quiet because the moment I felt relaxed was the moment I would bump my head or take a misstep and almost fall. That's how easy it is to get hurt down there. It's wet, muddy, slippery and rocky plus the visibility isn't perfect. It is this mix that can make caving hazardous but if done safely can be quite rewarding. I advise, and I'm sure Troy and Kenny agree, that you move slowly and at your own pace.

Initially I thought the price of the tour was a bit high ($300 per person).I had suggested to my friends that we do one of the less costly day trips (3 or 4 hours). He wouldn't let up so I eventually gave in. After having done it I feel beyond a shadow of doubt we got our money's worth. We went into the cave around 6:30PM or so(we were a little late because there was some confusion as to whether our group was still coming). Anyhow we ended up seeing a good amount of the cave system that would have taken about 3 or 4 day tours to do. We saw the Waterfall Room one of the largest rooms in the cave. We traversed The Keyhole where we saw the Sand Room by way of Discover Passage. We did the Mini Cliff Hanger with all the bouldering and climbing you could want. Our group did not stop exploring the caves until nearly 4AM. I was exhausted and happy to be putting on clean clothes and calling it a night. Honestly in ten years from now I probably won't even be able to tell how much the trip cost but I would be able to tell you about my experience and what I learned.

In all, my trip was absolutely incredible and I would do it again if I get the chance. Climbing rocks and getting muddy made me feel like a kid again. Exploring the underground realm of Organ Cave was unique and something that cannot be found on the internet or on the television. It really is an epic trip and unlike anything I had ever done before. When the stress from a sedentary lifestyle starts to weigh down on you, embark on an adventure to take your mind off things. There is no adventure like exploring a cave.

Brandon Davis ; hiker, camper, adventurer and writer

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  • Kaitlyn Kenney (Sunday, February 15 15 04:41 pm EST)

    Two years ago, my family and I took a tour here at Organ Caverns. We had a wonderful tour guide, Davey who provided information with humor, knowledge, and a look into his life. At the end of the
    tour, I was enriched with history, nature, and the good people of West Virginia. Thank you for the memories, and I'm sure we'll be back soon.

  • Caroline and Ricky (Sunday, June 28 15 10:12 pm EDT)

    My son and I recently spent the day inside the Organ Cave on the Fossil Tour with a guide that took us to places very few people have explored before. I have enjoyed public cave tours many times in
    the past but this was something else! We spent about 5 hours down in the cave leaving the main path many times to investigate side passages with Phyllis our guide. My son found a very large crinoid
    with the blastoid attached in the ceiling of one of the side passages. It was almost 4 feet long and was very exciting. Soon enough we passed beyond the public part of the tour and worked our way
    towards the end of one long stream with our guide seeing mineral straws delicately hanging down from the ceiling, stalagtites and stalagmites in various stages of growth, and limey bench deposits
    that looked like "hamburger buns" hanging out of the walls of the cave alongside the stream. I have never been "caving" before like this. The staff are knowledgeable about the cave, it's history and
    the orientation. The management provides good quality gear for the guests to use (helmut, bright headlamp, fresh gloves). My son had a terrific time and is looking forward to his next caving

    Boy did we get dirty! It was a great, great day! Thank you Organ Cave Management!

  • 4rx (Sunday, April 09 17 01:24 am EDT)

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  • (Thursday, May 04 17 08:48 am EDT)

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    web site :D.

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