ORGAN CAVE, WV National Historic & Natural Landmark
 ORGAN CAVE, WVNational  Historic & Natural Landmark  


Secular history teaches that caves were the very first shelters that humans used, yet Genesis 4:17 clearly indicates that humans built cities at the dawn of human history--before the Flood. The word "cave" appears some 40 times in the Bible, The King James Version. The first mention of a cave is in Genesis 19:30, referring to the cave in which Lot and his daughters dwelt after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The earth is over 70% sedimentary. Sedimentary rock is formed in most cases under water. Sedimentary rock is made up of pieces of rock or other mineral which existed somewhere else and was eroded or dissolved and then redeposited in another place.These rocks are results from moving water which lays down layer upon layer of sediment. The sediments that were deposited at this time were spread across continents, including the North American continent, and they contained the remains of buried animals now forming fossils, and of buried vegetation now forming coal.  After the waters of the flood peaked, the ocean basins began to sink down and the continents began to rise and the water on the continents began to flow off the continents into the ocean, Psalm 104.  The water eroded the top of the continent forming the landscape which you see now, including the erosion of the Grand Canyon. As the ground water within the rocks on the continent was draining, they eroded out enormous caverns in the limestone forming these amazing caves.  The water was likely very aggressive on the limestone, containing acids and other chemicals. This would have accelerated the formation of caves because of the agressive and erosive nature of the water.  At the very end of the Flood and afterwards, as the water soaked through the ground and dripped and ran into the cave, it carried dissolved limestone and precipitated the amazing stalacites and stalagmites and other cave decoration. All of this happened very rapidly, in fact 371 days, not millions of years. This is why we see fossils on mountain tops and why we have mountaintops that were not there before then. The Bible teaches the Flood fully restructured the earth as we see it today, not as it was before the Flood.


In Gensis 7:11, the Bible teaches that God said in the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were open. And it rained 40 days and 40 nights.  The entire earth flooded. If you study what is meant by the fountains of the great deep been broken up, this means the water from under the ground came up with great force, also the ocean floors burst open by the force of the water from underneath coming forth like geysers, all of them at once. This catastrophis action resulted in massive tidal waves, synomies, etc. being swept across the world.  This in turn caused hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and more.


 Gensis 7:19 to 7:24 tells us these waters moved about with great force for 150 days (5 months) and were superior in strength and every living substance was destroyed except Noah and the ark and its contents.  These waters were upon the earth for about 371 days which equals to just over 1 year. These waters changed the world to what we see it as today.


  Most everything you see in the cave is from a  water environment. You will see fossils, coral, sponge, chert and much more. This is some of our reasoning that this cave was formed by Noah's flood also known as the great flood. As you walk through the cave, you can see the sediment was laid down very fast by the lines of the sediment. Also on the side of the walls in the cave, you can see the lines left by the water as it went down. Just like the flood waters on the outside, after the water goes down, you can see where the water was by marks of mud left. In the cave the water cut lines in the rock as it traveled through. You will also see large boulders that had been carried by the water during the flood.


Many people that have taken our tours and have also done underwater diving say the cave is like walking on the ocean floor without the water.The cave is full of wonders that we are still finding.  Visitors can see where the remains of the giant three toe sloth was discovered. This fossil was sent to Thomas Jefferson, America's first paleontologist. You can see a casting of this fossil in the gift shop's display case. The original bones are in the Science Museum of Philidelphia. A full size casting exists in the Smithsonian. Below are two pictures of the sloth.  One is the skeleton and the other is what it was thought to look like. Below this is another picture of bones found in the cave. The latest find in 2012 is part of a human finger and the other is an elbow of a bear. Who knows what will be next. We know now! It is the shak fin spines. These were found back in early 2003 but were not identified till 6-10-2014 by the National Park Service. After this the premolar of a bison. Who knows what will be on the list next  We will keep you posted. How exciting!




During your underground adventure witness the result of nature's power. The Flood created this vast complex of massive passageways four thousand years ago and is still at work today.  The cathedral-sized passage ways are beautifully scuplted in limestone. Listen to the sound of an underground stream flowing in the otherwise silent world where beautiful calcite formations remained poised like sculptures on display.

Remember to ask about the shark fin spines found in the cave,  from the oldest known shark of the world!



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