ORGAN CAVE, WV National Historic & Natural Landmark
 ORGAN CAVE, WVNational  Historic & Natural Landmark  

  Description of Walking Tours &                   Caving Expeditions

The first photo is something you would seen on the Formation Trail Tour.  The second photo is the remains of a Civil War hopper made by the confederate soldiers to mine the salt petre from the cave soil and seen on the Civil War Trail Tour. The third photo is a sample of some of the writings in the cave found on both sides of the cave on the Walking Museum Trail. The fourth and fifth photos are  Exploring Expeditions. The fifth photo is Duke's outing club.  All of these trails are inside the cave. This is great family recreation with lots of exercise in them all.


 We offer 3 amazing walking tours inside the cave. First used by humans hundreds of years ago, Organ Cave was first discovered by colonial pioneers in 1704. We have found arrow heads that date back 800BC in the cave leading us to believe the Native Americans used the cave back in that era.  Today, Organ Cave offers visitors a change to see a well preserved, natural cave that has been left as unaltered as possible. These tours are given based on Creation using the King James version of The Bible. These are excellent family recreation tours.


 In the winter months, please call first to make sure roads are accessible. Also in the winter months, November thru April 1st, you need reservations for all tours. Try to call a day ahead if possible. Knowledgeable guides will lead your tour and share with you cave ecology along with many wandrous sights including fossils, stalactites and stalagmites, and a well preserved Civil War refiniery used by Confederate soldiers to mine saltpetre - a valuable mineral used in the making of gunpowder. The walls and floor of the cave still sparkle with this mineral.

We offer a tour of just our formation side of the cave called The Formation Trail Tour. This takes in the rock organ from which the cave and the community was named. This tour is about 1 1/4 miles and it take about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We also off to the history buffs just a Civil War Trail Tour. This tour does not show all the commercial side of the cave, only the part pertaining to the Civil War. The guide will explain to you the part Organ Cave took in the Civil War and how important this cave was to the Confederate Army. This tour is a 1 mile walk and takes about 1 hour. 


We offer what we call The Walking Museum Tour which is both The Formation Trail and Civil War Trail combined. This is a 2.2 mile walk in the cave and it takes about 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours.


The temperature of the cave differs every season. It all depends on the outside temperature. In the winter, the cave breathes in and in the summer it breathes out. Bring a light jacket for summer tours and a heavier one for winter tours. The cool, clean cave air is a great way to beat the summer heat and is very refreshing. We ask visitors to wear comfortable shoes or boots intended for walking, running, or hiking. Small children enjoy the cave and are able to walk our paths as well. We encourage you to bring a camera and take lots of pictures.

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Caving Expeditions
For those who are more active and adventurous and don't mind getting dirty, we offer our Caving Expeditions. This is like walking into another time from this world. You'll feel like an explorer in an unknown world. Words cannot express the feelings you will experience. You will use every muscle in your body and use technical moves you never thought possible. It is a must for anyone that likes challenges. You need not be an expert to do these trips only have the desire for the adventure. We offer a wide selection of Caving Expeditions, from relatively easy tours for those starting out in caving and are unsure what to expect, to true adventures of a lifetime for those who are in good shape and are ready to challenge themselves. All of our adventure caving expeditions tours are led by knowledgeable guides. These tours must be booked in advance and secured with a credit card. Our minimum age limits vary depending on which tour is booked and different levels of skill and physical fitness required for each trip. If you have questions as to what tour is right for you, just give us a call and we'll be happy to provide you with information to help you select the tour that's right for you. For a list of our Caving Expeditions, also known as wild tours, prices and brief description, please CLICK HERE



Fossil Tours

For the family or the couples they want to hunt fossils, we offer a fossils hunt  that lasts about 4 to 5 hours. We supply the helmets and lights and knee pads and gloves and you will also have a guide. Go to the Fossil Hunt page for more details on this exciting tour.



School Tours
All school groups with at least 20 students will receive a school discount. There are changes made to the way we were doing the school tours. We hope this helps the schools with the time they have to speed here. We will go over everything outside the cave. We have fossils and things from the cave to show the classes and explain how they came about in the cave and how they grew. We will have a question and answer session from the kids.All of this is done before we go into the cave. We then go into the cave all at once. It will be single file and if the kids have questions while in the cave, they just need to raise their hand. Guides will be with them. The difference here is everyone goes in at once and come out together. The kids apply what they were told before they went into the cave to what they see while in the cave. This should speed up everything more than before. 

Schools need to bring their tax number. The cost is $4.50 per student for elementary schools, $7.50 for middle schools and high school students. One teacher is free per 20 students, and any special needs aides. One driver per bus is free. All others will be charged $10.00 each. These will or will not be charged tax according to school policy.



Come Join Us!
We have picnic areas on ground and groups are welcome to use these facilities. We have several picnic tables under roof in case of bad weather. We have a very large field suitable for sports and games as well as swings, and slide, not to mention the beautiful and peaceful country atmosphere. We invite you to enjoy a day at Organ Cave. We want to make your experience an enjoyable one. All school tours must be booked well in advance, so please call ahead to reserve the day of your choice. Remember this is great family recreation and excercise.


Our gift shop offers a variety of items for children. There are serveral artificats in the gift shop on display from the cave for the children to see. We also have ice cream and candy available in the gift shop as well as a cold drink machine.



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     242 Organ Cave Drive

Call: (304)-645-7600

     Types of Payment:


    We take cash , Master        Card, Visa or Discover

Sorry no checks unless prior arranged


          Summer Hours


   May through August

    Tours are Monday thru Saturday 10 am to last tour at

 3:45 pm. Each tour is about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Gift shop is open till last tour out. 

Closed on Sundays in honor of the Lord's Day.


September and October

All walking tours are at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm Gift Shop is closed during these tours


All exploring expeditions & fossil hunts require reservations in advance,walking tours do not unless large groups or schools or in winter months 


Winter Hours


November thru To April 1st 

all tours are by reservation only, must call ahead



Military, Police officers, Firemen and EMS personel with ID 15% off the Walking Museum Trail only


      Other Discounts:

Group Tours, Schools Tours

Family Tours of 5 or more on walking tours only

Extended Expeditions of 10 people or more



will be posted as they                happen