ORGAN CAVE, WV National Historic & Natural Landmark
 ORGAN CAVE, WVNational  Historic & Natural Landmark  

Prices of Civil War Tour, Formation Tour & Walking Museum & School                         Tours

                                Walking Museum Trail Tour   

 This tour is 1 1/2 hours with a knowledgeable guide  and 2.2 miles long 

                              Must have 2 adults per trip

                              13 years old & up $16.50

                                 6 to 12 yrs old $7.50

                                      5 & under free

                        All tours have a added 6% sales tax

This is for the Walking Museum Tour Trip only

  We give a 6% discount to 5 or 6 paying family members 

We give a 7% discount to 7 paying family member 

  We give a 8% discount to 8 paying family members 

  We give a 9% discount to 9 paying family members

    We give a 10% discount to 10 paying family members

      We give a 11 % discount to 11 paying family members 

      We give a 15% discount to military, firepersonal, police officers & EMS with ID

        We give group discounts of 10 or more a 10% discount

        We give group discounts of 20 or more a 20% discount

The Walking Museum Tour is both the Civil War Trail and the Formation Trail put together

   No two discounts, no double dipping, choose your discount that fits you


December special for this tour only: Two adults with children, all children 12 years and under that can say a Bible (KJV) verse pertaining to the birth of Jesus are free. This is not for group tours or school tours. This is from Dec 1st through to the 14th. Must call ahead and book before coming. Remember we are closed on Sundays. Candle tours are every Saturday in January, must call ahead for reservation. From 1822 to 1914 all tours were done by candles.     

                                    Civil War Trail Tour

      This tour is 1 hour with a knowledgeable guide, and 1 mile long 

                            Must have 2 adults per trip

                        Adults of 13 years or older $12.50

                               6 to 12 years old $6.00

                                  5 and under free

              We give group discounts of 10 or more paying 10% off

              We give a group of 20 or more paying a 20% discount

                     All tours will have a 6% sales tax added 

                    This is the Civil War side of the cave only

              We give a 10% discount to 10 or more paying per trip


                                     The Formation Trail Tour

This tour is 1 hour 15 minutes with a knowledgeable guide and 1 1/4 miles long

                                 Must have 2 adults per trip

                                 Adults 13 years & up $13.50                                                                        Children 6 to 12 years old $6.50

                                    5 years old & under free                

                     Group discounts of 10 or more paying 10% off

                    Group discounts of 20 or more paying 20% off

                          All tours have a 6% sales tax added

                     This is the Formation side of the cave only                  

              We give a 10% discount to 10 or more paying per trip

                                            School Tours

        All school tours must have 20 or more to qualify for prices listed below

         With every 20 students, one teacher is free, plus any special aide per            One bus driver per bus is free unless substituted with a teacher, school's                                                     choice

                             Elementary students $4.50 each                                        

                           Middle School students $7.50 each

                             High School students $7.50 each

                    Please bring tax number for school not to pay taxes


              All Home Schoolers will receive a 10% discount off regular prices 

                          Must have 5 in a group for discount

                          Must bring proof of home schooling 


We do have swings and slide for the children and picnic tables plus a shelter for                     lunches. We also have a large area for ball and games 

                            Important Additional Information

Even in the hot summer months, please bring a jacket. Our cave in the summer runs about from 46 degrees to 52 maybe sometimes 53 degrees. In the winter, dress as you would for the outside. We do have a breeze that blows through the cave.  The next important thing is shoes. Sandels will freeze your toes or really let you know it is cold. A good walking shoe is highly recommended.  If you want to bring an additional flashlight, you can. We do not give out flashlights, only our guides have them.  No food or drinks are allowed on the walking tours unless your health requires it.  Only seeing eye dogs and medical alert dogs are allowed. Strollers for children are hard to push on the formation side and you can only go 1/2 way with a stroller on the Civil War side.  The cave is not handicapped acessible, our gift shop is.


Remember all group tours need to be called in and reserved with credit card in advance as far ahead as possible and you do have a 48 hour cancellation time with no cost. This is great family recreation and excercise for all. 


Remember the first of November through to the first of April all tours require a reservation. You must call ahead and reserve your tour regardless which type of tour it is. Please call a day ahead if possible.


                  CAVING EXPEDITIONS prices are here. Click

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DO NOT USE GPS,IT WILL LOOSE YOU, Google seems to know more

    Use the directions tab       listed above for more         details in getting here

     242 Organ Cave Drive

Call: (304)-645-7600

     Types of Payment:


    We take cash , Master        Card, Visa or Discover

Sorry no checks unless prior arranged


          Summer Hours


   May through August

    Tours are Monday thru Saturday 10 am to last tour at

 3:45 pm. Each tour is about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Gift shop is open till last tour out. 

Closed on Sundays in honor of the Lord's Day.


September and October

All walking tours are at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm Gift Shop is closed during these tours


All exploring expeditions & fossil hunts require reservations in advance,walking tours do not unless large groups or schools or in winter months 


Winter Hours


November thru To April 1st 

all tours are by reservation only, must call ahead



Military, Police officers, Firemen and EMS personel with ID 15% off the Walking Museum Trail only


      Other Discounts:

Group Tours, Schools Tours

Family Tours of 5 or more on walking tours only

Extended Expeditions of 10 people or more



will be posted as they                happen