ORGAN CAVE, WV National Historic & Natural Landmark
 ORGAN CAVE, WVNational  Historic & Natural Landmark  

    Caving Expeditions in                 Organ Cave

A world of adventure and exploration awaits you when you take part in one of our extended exploring tours, also called wild caving. It doesn't matter if you are new to caving or an experienced caver, Organ Cave has something to offer you.


Let our experienced guides lead you on a trip that will reveal the many hidden wonders of Organ Cave. Do not worry about buying expensive equipment, we supply the helmets, lights, knee pads and gloves. You should bring a backpack to carry your choice of high energy snacks and a bottle of water, all of which you provide yourself.

Discover the "Wild Side"

Organ Cave Caving Expeditions will lead you into the very soul of the Earth. Our tours will bring you up close and personal with the tremendous power and beauty of nature while challenging you on an adventure of a lifetime. Walking through ancient sea beds and crawling through a fossilized tropical lagoon bottom containing countless remains of fossils of animal and plant life from Noah's flood is just a sample of the exotic and magnificent sights you'll encounter on our caving trips. Fossil hunt tours are one of our main goals. Fossil hunt tours tells us so much about our past.

Gypsum Flowers

You'll never forget the delicate artistry of nature found in the perpetual variety of white gypsum formations found in many of our hidden pasages. If you are in good physical shape and have a thirst for thrilling adventure, bring some high-traction hiking shoes, old clothes, and we'll provide you with everything else you'll need to experience some of the best caving in the world, even out cat loves to cave.

Caving is addictive!!!

Caving is something that you have to experience to appreciate, but remember, caving is addictive. When pressure and stress of a fast-paced life starts to get you in a bind, come visit the world below, a visit that is sure to alleviate your anxiety and soothe you with gorgeous sites and enjoyable exercise. Caving is an experience of a lifetime, one that you'll never forget and likely want to repeat again and again. The underground world is very tranquil, and as one visitor said, "I could not believe all the beauty underground". However, the most common used word by visitors as they are coming back to the surface is "AWESOME!" People also get so excited about our fossil hunt tours, especially when they find their own fossil.



The price does not include tax. All Extended Exploring Expeditions are to be reserved and secured by a credit card. We must be notified of cancellations within 48 hours prior to the date of the reservation. There is no refund if cancelled after the 48 hour period. If no show, we charge the entire amount on your credit card. You must arrive on scheduled time. You should book ahead to secure your tour and time. There is a 10% discount on the expedition tours with ten or more people on the same trip at the same time. Expeditions with other built in discounts does not qualify for the 10% discount. Only one discount pricing per expedition. 


Military, fireman, and police only will receive a $15.00 discount on any of these tours listed when booked;  The Vertical Limit,  and The Day Excursion. This is more than the 10% but cannot add the additional 10%, only one discount at a time. On the military, fireman and police discount, you do not have to have 10 to qualify but must have the minimum required for that tour to receive this discount..   


All participants must sign a waiver before entering the cave. Participants must be 18 years of age, if under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We cannot express how important your footwear is. A good pair of hiking shoes are needed. Tennis shoes are dangerous and slippery. You need an old pair of blue jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. Again, you need a pair of good hiking shoes with deep tread. Bring at least one bottle of water and we recommend a high energy candy bar or snack of some kind and you may want to bring a fanny pack or backpack to put these thing in. Cameras are welcomed.


Do not forget an extra change of clothes to change into after your adventure is over.

          Caving Club

 Join our Organ Cave Caving Club. This entitles you to join in on already scheduled expeditions or walking tours that have been set up. You will be allowed to go on 4 expeditions and 5 walking tours that have been set up prior for other people. We do not set up these just for the members but you choose which of the ones already scheduled and on the books that you want to join in. You must call ahead and see what the schedule is and then add yourself on. The cost of this is $100.00 for the year. If you do not use all yours up, they are dropped and you loose them at the end of the year. This membership is only good for the member only. This cannot be used by another person. You have to pay taxes on this membership, so the total of the membership for one year is $106.00 per member.

This is really a bargin for those that love to cave. We still furnish the helmets, gloves, lights, and knee pads.

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DO NOT USE GPS,IT WILL LOOSE YOU, Google seems to know more

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     242 Organ Cave Drive

Call: (304)-645-7600

     Types of Payment:


    We take cash , Master        Card, Visa or Discover

Sorry no checks unless prior arranged


          Summer Hours


   May through August

    Tours are Monday thru Saturday 10 am to last tour at

 3:45 pm. Each tour is about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Gift shop is open till last tour out. 

Closed on Sundays in honor of the Lord's Day.


September and October

All walking tours are at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm Gift Shop is closed during these tours


All exploring expeditions & fossil hunts require reservations in advance,walking tours do not unless large groups or schools or in winter months 


Winter Hours


November thru To April 1st 

all tours are by reservation only, must call ahead



Military, Police officers, Firemen and EMS personel with ID 15% off the Walking Museum Trail only


      Other Discounts:

Group Tours, Schools Tours

Family Tours of 5 or more on walking tours only

Extended Expeditions of 10 people or more



will be posted as they                happen