ORGAN CAVE, WV National Historic & Natural Landmark
 ORGAN CAVE, WVNational  Historic & Natural Landmark  

      Caving Expedition Prices                        (304-645-7600)                  

        The Gypsum Passage

$55.oo each plus tax--minimum 2 people about 2 hours  (8 yrs & up) there is a lot of crawling in this tour and tight places This is like crawling through a geo with a close up of gypsum crystals, very beautiful. I like taking younger kids on this one because it keeps you on the ground.

              Miracle Mile 1

$55.00 each plus tax---minimum 2 no more than 4 people about 2 1/2 hours (8 yrs & up)--rubber boots required (8 yrs and up) you will be in water for this tour plus crawling and climbing, This tour is full of formations, so do not forget your camera. We do not do this tour if raining.

            Sally's Waterfall

$55.00 each plus tax--minimum 2 people about 3 hours (8 yrs & up) This one is really muddy, lots of clay and water, plus straddling and some crawling. Younger people really like this tour.If your are good at pottery, make a clay figure and set on the self with others.

             The Overlook

$60.00 each plus tax---minimum of 2 people about 2 1/2 to 3 hour trip depends on number of people (8 years & up) There is crawling, straddling, climbing, heights, small holes, going from one level to another and also the overlook.  This one is growing in being a popular trip. A little shorter than the waterfall room but very nice. We will let you do some crawling around here, but must crawl because of low ceiling in places.

          The Waterfall Room

$70.00 each plus tax---minimum of 2 people about a 3 hour trip, sometimes 3 1/2 hour trip, depends on the people. (10 years & up), the younger ones seems to wear out before the trip is over. Climbing, crawling, and a straddle. If you like listening to the sound of water and seeing it cascade over a 90 ft drop, then this is the one. Sometimes there are 3 small falls, it depends on the season and the amount of rain we have had. You get to explore some in this room, but you have to be very careful because of slippery rocks and these rocks are huge. 

              Miracle Mile 2

$70.00 each plus tax---minimum of 2 but no more than 4. This one is about 3 1/2 hours. (8 years & up) You do need the rubber barn boots, ones that go to the knees. There is water plus crawling & climbing. We allow extra time on this trip for pictures, so bring your camera, also it is a little further back than the other Miracle Mile. The formations are beautiful.

November Special Only: 3 paying people and the 4th free. This is a $70.00 saving. 

               The Keyhole

$85.00 each plus tax---minimum of 2 people 3 to 4 hour trip, again depending on the people (12 years & up) We have crawling, climbing, straddling, and heights. I love this one. You will be doing a lot of body moves to get to and through some of the places. This one is a little more daring but lots of fun.

           The Mini Cliffhanger

$90.00 each plus tax---minimum of 3 people this is about a 4 hour trip maybe a little longer trip. Should be 14 years & up. Only a very active 12 year old can go. This trip will take more endurance for the 12 year old. You have crawling, straddling, heights and lots of boulder climbing. You have heights with a drop. This one is also a favorite. This is very simular to the Keyhole but more endurance and time.

    The Combination of Gypsum &                  Sally's Waterfall

$95.00 each plus tax---minmum of 2 people, this is about a 3 1/2 hour trip.  There is a lot crawling, tight places, mud and clay. This is the same as the two individual ones above but put together for more fun. You save $15.00 per person by doing the combo and having more fun to boot. You will come out on little stradle on this one.

         Combination of Waterfalls

$95.00 each plus tax----minimum 2 people, this is about a 4 hour trip, should be 12 years and up only if the 12 yr old is very active. Takes a lot of endurance for the younger ones. You will see both the Waterfall Room and Sally's Waterfall on the same trip and they are in 2 different directions. 

November Special Only: 3 paying people and the 4th is free. This is a $95.00 savings

              The Vertical Limit

$125.00 each plus tax---minimum of 3 people (16 years old & up) about a 5 hour trip--- climbing, straddling, height, crawling, water, and mud. Takes lots of energy and endurance. Bring your high energy snacks & water. 

            The Day Excursion

$175.00 each plus tax---minimum 3 people-- this is a 7 hour trip--9am to 4pm or 10am to 5pm (16 years old & up) climbing. crawling, heights, straddling, getting wet and getting muddy. Need lots of energy and endurance so bring lots of energy snacks and do not forget the water plus your camera. You will have a combination of everything from the other trips above. So be prepared for a good adventure.

November Special Only: 3 paying people and the 4th is one half off. This is a $87.50 savings

              The Undernighter

$300.00 each plus tax for the first three (must have 3 minimum) 4 or more will receive a discount of $40.00 each making the cost $260.00 each plus tax. This trip is 18 hours underground. Bring a sleeping bag and change of clothes and lots of high energy snacks plus a change of clothes, especially socks.  Bring a camera and lots of energy and endurance because it just gets better and better. Cave till you drop, then sleep. You go in one day at 5pm and come out the next day at 11am. You will be climbing, crawling, exploring, heights,straddling and much more!

November One Day Only Special: 5 people minimum at $220.00 each on November 27th only. Other discounts do not apply! 




 All Extended Exploring Expeditions are to be reserved and secured by a credit card. We must be notified of cancellations within 48 hours prior to the date of the reservation. There is no refund if cancelled after the 48 hour period. If no show, we charge the entire amount on your credit card. You must arrive on scheduled time. You should book ahead to secure your tour and time. There is a 10% discount on the expedition tours with ten or more people on the same trip at the same time. Expeditions with other built in discounts does not qualify for the 10% discount. Only one discount pricing per package.


Military, fireman,  police & EMS only will receive a $15.00 discount on any of these tours listed when booked;  The Vertical Limit,  and The Day Excursion. This is more than the 10% but cannot add the additional 10%, only one discount at a time. On the military, fireman and police discount, you do not have to have 10 to qualify but must have the minimum required for that tour to receive this discount..


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   May through August

    Tours are Monday thru Saturday 10 am to last tour at

 3:45 pm. Each tour is about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Gift shop is open till last tour out. 

Closed on Sundays in honor of the Lord's Day.


September and October

All walking tours are at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm Gift Shop is closed during these tours


All exploring expeditions & fossil hunts require reservations in advance,walking tours do not unless large groups or schools or in winter months 


Winter Hours


November thru To April 1st 

all tours are by reservation only, must call ahead



Military, Police officers, Firemen and EMS personel with ID 15% off the Walking Museum Trail only


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Group Tours, Schools Tours

Family Tours of 5 or more on walking tours only

Extended Expeditions of 10 people or more



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