About us: Organ Cave, West Virginia

Organ Cave was featured on the History Channel as part of their "Cities of the Underworld" in 2008, episode "Seat of Power"

Located in beautiful southeastern West Virginia.  Organ Cave is full of wonder, science and history. What other cave can you visit and see not only all the natural wonders, such as bats, rock formations, and fossils, but where over 1100 Confederate soldiers hid for 3 winters from the neighboring Yankees. Organ Cave is a National Natural Landmark plus a National Landmark of Historic Places and also on the Civil War Trails.We also offer fossil hunts as one of our expeditions. This cave has over 45 miles of mapped passageways with still over 200 leads yet to be mapped and surveyed. These leads can go on for miles yet unknown. When The History Channel was here in 2008, they found in their research over 70 miles of passageways.  Organ Cave is the second longest commercial cave on  the east coast. It is located in the heart of beautiful Greenbrier County of West Virginia. 


Organ Cave has played a significant role in the American history as well as providing a living laboratory for scientists in the fields of geology, archeology, biology, hydrology and palentology. We invite you to visit us at Organ Cave and discover the mysterious and amazing wonders of the world underground.

We offer walking tours to the cave year round led by a friendly and knowledgeable guide. From November to April, all tours are by reservation. Organ Cave is more than a collection of stalactities and stalagmites, it is a living museum. Our tours will give you a chance to learn about the American Civil War and the confederate soldiers living in the cave plus give you an understanding of cave ecology and provide you with an in-depth introduction into how caves work and how we are working to preserve these natural wonders. All our walking tours are based on the Book of Genesis of the King James Version of the Bible. Walk the trails formed by Noah's flood and see the wonders of Creation.

For the more adventurous, we offer Exploring Expeditions, also known as wild tours, spelanking, or caving. This is your chance to go further into the depths of our cave and discover some of the most amazing sights on the planet. You will use muscles you never thought you had. This is a wonderful workout for the person that wants adventure and at the same time improving their health. A heavy investment in gear is not necessary for you to experience some of the best caving in the world, we supply the gear and experienced guide. These are adventure tours for any level of experience-for those new to caving or for those that have caved before. So no experience is necessary, just come and have fun. Along side of these tours are our fossil hunts which we use both the wild side and the commercial side to find fossils. This is really fun.


Viewing a National Landmark of Historic Places and a National Natural Landmark with Civil War Tours, learning about the confederate soldiers and the structure of the cave using Creation as the theme instead of millions of years ago, gives you a complete different outlook on the cave as opposed to other caves.

Organ Caves official YouTube page: copy and paste in your broswer  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwnfdPnOzAl_1hgKj4nk6CQ 


Here's What You Do!

Look over the tour prices and the different tours that we have. Decide which tour you want to do and then give us a call and book the time and date. It is that simple. If you have questions, we will help you. No experience is necessary.  If for some reason we do not answer, just leave your name and number and we will call you back. No Hassel